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August 25, 1998 
16 weeks, 5 days
September 1, 1998 
17 weeks, 5 days 
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Back to Previous Page We had very good, very regular check-ups on these two visits. The visits of late are really routine. They are more for reassurance of Maureen than any real medical reason. 
The only points of interest in these visits, are that Maureen saw Dr McGee the Internist. 
She is the doctor that has followed Maureen's blood pressure for the last 2 pregnancies. She is very nice, and has very good bedside manner. 
The good news at the moment, is that Maureen's Blood Pressure is staying at a good level, so on the 25th, she reduced Maureen's medication of Methyl Dopa(?) from 500mg 3 times a day to 500mg 2 times a day. 
The reasoning being that all is well at the moment, in fact very good, so by reducing the medication it my mean her blood pressure goes up slightly, but it will also mean that she isn't being over medicated, and if need be, the dosage can be increased later, as there is a larger buffer now because of the current lower medication! 
On the 1st, the blood pressure medication was reduced to 250mg 2 times a day. Maureen's blood pressure is STILL at a good level, so that is good news. 

18 weeks is the time for the "Anatomy scan" where the Doctors check for major development indicators. It's kind of a "Baby Check-list". They use ultra-sound to check for major organs and body parts (i.e. kidneys - check, heart - check, 2 arms - check ... as well as getting a measurement of the babies and comparing this size against the norm.). 
Because we are having twins, the babies are probably smaller, so the doctors decided to wait an additional week to make the procedure easier for them. They estimate it will take 30 minutes per baby to perform these checks, so we are scheduled next week on September 11th for this procedure. 

*** Note: the film festival starts on September 10th. We are only going to go to 5 movies this year, but even so, I lined up at 7am on Thursday morning just to hand in our 5 requests! 
At that point the line stretched for 3 blocks, and contained 500-600 people! 
The line started moving at 8:30 and my requests were handed in by 9:15am. (all it was was a booklet with our requests checked off!) We return on Monday to see which of the 5 movies we got.

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