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October 20 / 21 + October 27 / 28
25 weeks
(but written on or after Nov. 1, 1998) 
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The events of Oct. 20 and 21, which weren't very memorable will be filled in a little later, when I get some time.
I figured it was more important to concentrate on the current events, and I'll fill in the details here when I get a chance.

October 20 / 21 log to come... Normal Appointments
My birthday is October 21. It is a very long time from 1 appointment to the next. You do not know what will have transpired since your last visit. We know that Boris is smaller, and weaker. "He" is struggling more than Abigail. My wish this year for my birthday, was that Boris would not die on my birthday. And my wish was granted. His heart  just continues to beat. His weight seems to be increasing, slowly, as well, and that is a good sign. "He" has a long uphill climb still, and there are no guarantees. Baby "B" MUST increase in size to have any sort of chance outside of the womb. It may have been selfish, but It would not have been a happy birthday if something had happened to "B".

October 27 - Normal Appt. but the doctor was using a new ultrasound machine. It was so new that the technician was still there looking over the shoulders of the doctors to assist in them using the machine.
During the measurement phase, Abigail was measured, and then Boris was measured, and even though Abigail averaged about 24 week size, and Boris averaged 21 weeks size, the weight measurement came out identical. Somehow the computer software program was confused, and wasn't providing us with a correct weight, and that meant we couldn't even trust the Abigail weight!

October 28 - Met with one of the pediatric doctors to discuss premature babies, and the problems that they are faced with.

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