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Dec 2 - Dec 14, 1998
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Back to Previous Page Well, Sullivan continues to grow, and overcome all the obstacles that are put in his path.
He had his eye exam this monday (the 14th), and all is okay at the moment. They will continue to follow him.
After going through a period of needing more oxygen, he has now settled down to requiring about 31 percent (room air is 21 percent). This is partly due to the steroids he has been getting to help his lungs overcome the damage they have had to endure from being on the ventilator for 5 weeks.
His drains came out that were helping him get over the Necrotizing Enterocolitis, and the sites are healing well.

He does have a heart murmur that was first thought to be PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosis) but has now been diagnosed as Pulmonary Stenosis. This is a narrowing of one of the valves of the heart, or of the artery just before or after the valve. Some information can be found on the following sites:
The cardiac specialists have decided nothing needs to be done at the moment, and they will simply keep track of this, and see how it develops.

Since moving to the Hospital for Sick Children, he has required a second transfusion. They contacted the blood bank at Mt Sinai, so they could use the same blood as was used in his first transfusion. Maureen was a perfect match, and could have done a directed donation but it was CMV positive, and it was recommended that she not donate. (it is some sort of virus that is found in 80 percent of people, and adults can handle it no problem, but it could have caused problems for Sullivan)

He is now up to 910 grams (as of Dec 14th evening) but he is currently retaining water and that may not be a true measure. (I will update the weight charts shortly)

Here are some images for your enjoyment:

This image shows gauze covering his drain sites on his belly.

What Sullivan looks like when lounging on his back.

Dad and Son (my first time holding)

Proud Papa

A little bundle of joy.

He's looking a lot bigger here (Dec 8)
(compare to this image)

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