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Aug. 13, 1998
Back to Previous Page Maureen began to get nervous and worried this week. It was just too long to wait for our next scheduled visit on Aug. 18, so we called up and asked if we could come in to confirm that all was okay. 
Not having any point of reference yet, like movements, to be able to monitor to tell how the babies are doing, we went in for another ultra-sound. The staff at Mt. Sinai are great, and they took us in on 1 hours notice, and showed us both hearts beating on the one ultra-sound screen. That was reassuring. 
The nurse then told me to take Maureen for breakfast and said that would get those babies moving more! 
The hospital understands out concerns and worries, and the nurse (Mary Mobray) said 
"I think I'll book you in each week now until we get to 20 weeks, just for your peace of mind!" That was reassuring.
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