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We're Pregnant!

May-June 1998, Vancouver

It is amazing that we are pregnant. It has been a long and rocky road.
But you know what else is amazing? That one of the home pregnancy test kits comes with a "keepsake card" into which you can insert the strip for preservation! 
Do you know what else is amazing? That I kept it!
Maureen didn't think it was so couth, but I know she'll come around!

In their words: 
Your results can be saved in this memorable keepsake card for baby's book. 
To save your result: 
1. Detach special keepsake card from carton, carefully pull card off along perforated edge. 
2. Pull TAB at end of result strip to remove inner strip. The absorbent tip should remain in the test device. However, if the absorbent tip does not remain in the device, the test result is not affected. Cut the result strip along the dotted lines (Diagram A). The result can now be placed in the keepsake card. 
3. Insert the result through the slits in the keepsake card so that the results appear behind the heart and oval windows (Diagram B). 
4. You're now ready to share and save the good news!

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