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Jules Verne Images

Photos, Carte de Visite (CDV), Postcards, Drawings, Paintings

In Chronological order

around 1860
Carte de Visite (CDV)
Andrew Nash Collection
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Copyright Andrew Nash

From my reading, Jules Verne grew his beard between 1855 & 1856
In the below 1876 image, note the collar of Verne's jacket is scallop shaped, and remains thin down to the place where the jacket overlaps. (i.e. at the level of the bowtie, the collar of the jacket dips in, and when it bumps back out, it is thinner than the collar above. (compare with the below 1879 image where the collar of the jacket gets wider)

Tinted version of above:

Same image, turned into an engraving.
The original of the engraving was modified by Andrew Nash to isolate Verne's head, and was subsequently used by the North American Jules Verne Society, Inc.

Digital image created 
by Andrew Nash from
the engraving used by the
American Jules Verne Society.
Andrew Nash Collection
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Collection of Andy Warhol type images created by Andrew nash in 2001 for THIS website.

used in 
Images created in 2001
by Andrew Nash.
Andrew Nash Collection
©2002 2003 2004 2010 Copyright

Postcard: bought from Estonia
(appears to be from same sitting (1876) as above, though he is turned more to the left, and the jacket collar is thin)

Engraving from book
sur terre et sur mer, 1876
(again, seems to be based on the same sitting)
In the below set of images the edge of Verne's collar can be seen under the bow tie, AND the collar of the jacket gets wider at the level of the bowtie.
My guess here is pre-1879
This particular image is taken from the book:

Men of Mark - 1876-1883
Published by: Lock and Whitfield

photo by Adam Salomon
(click image for larger view)

NOTE: my guess of the date of the image to the left is based on the fact that I have an identical image (reversed when printed) in a Danish (norwegian?) book, and it was published in 1879

I say the same image is reversed, because the pin that is in Verne's left lapel (right side of the image) appears in his right lapel in this books image!

Oval (from auction catalogue cover)
Spanish book
1887 (?)
Age = 59
Sampson Low Publishers 
Authors Illustrated Edition engraving
In this set of photos, the jacket is buttoned over the vest
Cabinet Photo, Aug 12, 1895
CDV: by Nadar
Click image for larger image
circa 1900
cover of 1905 Literary Digest
Hetzel Book Cover
Age = 74
Postcard, Amiens, dated October 1902 
(signature is printed on card, not signed!)
Age = 74
Postcard, Amiens, dated October 1902 
(signature is printed on card, not signed!)
(same sitting as above images)

Art: Caricatures, Cartoons, Drawings, Paintings
Caricature by J. Parera, Barcelona
From corner of Nellie Bly Board Game
Dustjacket of Dutch Verne Book
Salvador Dali
L'Intellect jaillisant (Jules Verne)
on japanese paper 

Collection of Andy Warhol type images

Busts Feves Jules Verne
Clay Bust owned by Jean Jules-Verne
Bust created by Chris Walas
Movie Speical Effects Artist
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