Around the World in 80 Days (Play)
Spectacular Extravaganza
by the Kiralfy Brothers

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February 1877 Program from Niblo's Garden Theatre, New York

Kiralfy Brothers
The Kiralfy Brothers created Spectacular Extravaganza productions

Four of them were based on Jules Verne novels.

  • Around the World in 80 Days (... 1877 ... )
  • Trip to the Moon (1877 ... )
  • Michael Strogoff ( ... 1882 ... )
  • Mathias Sandorf (1887?/1888 )

Spectacular Production of the Jules Verne and Wm. Busnach's Grand Parisian Success

Bolossy Kiralfy (January 31, 1847 - 1932)

  • there is an autobiography entitled: Bolossy Kiralfy, Creator of Great Musical Spectacles: An Autobiography - edited by Barbara M. Barker, published 1988, ISBN:083571862x
    Theatre and Dramatic Studies Vo. 50
Imre Kiralfy  (1845 - 1919)
  • was the Director General of the Franco-British Exhibition held in London between May 4, 1908 to October 3, 1908
  • in charge of the arrangements for the display of National Flags in the White City Stadium during the 1908 Olympics (held on the site of the Franco-British Exhibition)
  • his son Edgar Kiralfy was a 100m sprinter on the 1908 U.S. Olympic Team. 

Niblo's Garden (Theatre)
corner of Broadway and Prince (also noted as corner of Prince and Crosby !)
537 Broadway, New York


  • William Niblo purchased the Columbian Garden and added the Sans Souci Theatre, a saloon, and a Hotel and in 1829, he opened Niblo's Garden.
  • September 18, 1846, Niblo's Garden burned at four o'clock in the morning. The building was destroyed in 2 hours.
  • Rebuilt in 1849
  • Demolished 1895
Production Date Manager
Belle's Strategem 1852 July
Columbia College Commencement 1857
Benefit of the Widow and Orphan Fund
of the New York Fire Department
A Grand Concert
1860 October 30 James M. Nixon
The Fool's Revenge 1864 March
Arrah-Na-Pugue (Exchange of Kisses) 1865 July
The Black Crook
(ran for over a year, and can be called Broadways first hit musical!)
1866 September
After Dark 1868 November
Ruy Blas 1870
Uncle Tom's Cabin 1875 January
Around the World in 80 Days - Kiralfy Brothers 1877 February
The Black Crook 1879 March
Uncle Tom's Cabin 
(at Haverly's Niblo's Garden)
1881 June
Uncle Tom's Cabin 
(at Haverly's Niblo's Garden)
1882 May
Youth 1882 September
Uncle Tom's Cabin 1886 June William Wheatley
Nero 1890 October

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