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June 30, 1998
8 Weeks, 5 Days
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Twin "A"
This is our first "good" ultrasound of "Abigail" (Twin "A"). 
Please don't ask me to point out anything! When I saw the image on the screen as the technician was doing the measurements, I figured the head was on the right and body on the left, but of course the head is on the left and the body on the right! I guess I won't be changing my profession. 
BUT the important thing about this ultrasound, is that it was the first time we saw a Heartbeat. 
The Doctor says the baby is a good size for its stage of development. 
(FYI: The twin closest to the cervix is termed "Twin A")
Twin "B"
This is the first "good" ultrasound of "Boris" (Twin "B"). 
As in the previous image of "Abigail" I really have no clue what you are looking at! I think the technician said the head was at the bottom and the body was above that (i.e. taking a dive!) 
Again, a good Heartbeat was seen, and the doctor says this baby is also a good size.
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