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July 10, 1998 
10 Weeks, 1 day
Back to Previous Page We had a good visit to Mt. Sinai today. The appt. lasted about 2 hours, during which Maureen had 2 ultrasounds (one to check on the babies, and one to check on her cervix to get a "baseline" measurement. That way they'll know later how well she is carrying the twins.), a consult with the Doctor, blood work, blood pressure check ... 

They are guarded but optimistic. As the doctor says, they are prepared for the worst, but all the precautions may not be necessary, you just never know. 

The Babies looked fine today. They label them the same, so "Abigail" and "Boris" are still the same, and not switched! We saw Boris moving around quite a bit, and saw his arms and his toes! Abigail was not as co-operative and we only saw a fuzzy head and body. Maybe we'll get some "snaps" next visit. 

So, all is well, and proceeding.

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