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André Laurie

André Laurie (1845 - 1909) was the pseudonym of Paschal Grousset ( sometimes erroneously spelled Pascal Grousset ) a French Politician and author.

Although commonly believed that L'épave du Cynthia - 1885 was a collaboration between Jules Verne and Laurie, it was solely the work of André Laurie (see Note:

Laurie also wrote the original versions of Verne's The Begum's Fortune (1879) and The Southern Star Mystery (1884)

The following is taken from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Encyclopedia:

Laurie, André
Pseudonym of Paschal Grousset (1845-1909), French politician and author.
His first political novel, Le reve d'un irreconciliable ["Dream of a Diehard"] (1869) and several political works were published under his real name, but thereafter he used the André Laurie pseudonym. 
While living as a communard exile in London, André Laurie wrote the original version of the book which was later published as The Begum's Fortune (1879) by Jules Verne. Laurie legally renounced title to the story, as he did with The Southern Star Mystery (1884), rewritten and published as by Verne. 
Both authors put their name to L'epave du Cynthia (1885; trans as Salvage from the Cynthia 1958 UK). It was a strange collaboration, André Laurie being politically a long way to the left of Verne. 
Of André Laurie's several science fiction novels, 5 have been translated into English. The best known is Les exiles de la Terre, Selene Company Limited (1887; trans anon as The Conquest of the Moon: A Story of the Bayouda 1889 (UK), in which the Moon is drawn from its orbit to land in the Sahara desert. 
André Laurie wrote of the discoveries of scientifically advanced societies in The Secret of the Magian, or The Mystery of Ecbatana (1890 France; trans 1891 UK) and Atlantis (1895; trans L.A. Smith as The Crystal City Under the Sea 1896 UK; variant The Crystal City 1896 US), and of a transatlantic tunnel in De New York a Brest en sept heures (1888; trans anon as New York to Brest in Seven Hours 1890 UK). His most critically acclaimed work, Spiridon le muet ["Spiridon the Mute"] (1909 France), remains untranslated. [JE/PN]Other works: Axel Eberson, the Graduate of Upsala (1891 France; trans 1892 UK).

French Title English Title Notes
SÉRIE : Récits d'aventures
L'Épave du Cynthia

The Wreck of the Cynthia
aka: Salvage from the Cynthia 
There was no teamwork between Verne and Grousset. Jules Verne only did a validation work of Grousset's text. Hetzel added Verne's name as a co-author for marketing purposes. In collaboration with Jules Verne
so says
The Complete Jules Verne Bibliography, by Volker Dehs, Zvi Har'El & Jean-Michel Margot,
Le Secret du Mage
The Secret of the Magian,
or the Mystery of Ecbatana

undated, states "New and Cheaper edition" on title page (rear advert catalogue dated 1892)

Le Maitre de l'Abime
Le Rubis du Grand Lama
Le Capitaine Trafalgar Captain Trafalgar
A Story of the Mexican Gulf
1887 - First Edition

Note: William Westall is co-credited on spine of Captain Trafalgar, he was the English Translator. His credit on the title page reads "rendered into English and Edited by William Westall"

L'Héritier de Robinson
De New York a Brest en sept heures
New York to Brest in Seven Hours

1890 - First Edition
(variant cloth colour)

New York to Brest in seven hours via Niagara Falls and a submarine collision!

This novel inspired Jules Verne's short story
An Express of the Future

below - detail

Spiridon le muet
"Spiridon the Mute" never published in English
Les éxilés de la Terre
I. Le Nain de Rhadameh
II. Les naufragé de l'espace
Hetzel, France
subtitle: Selene Company Limited

The Conquest of the Moon: A Story of the Bayouda

The Crystal City Under the Sea
Sampson Low
(translated by L. A. Smith)

(below - dark green cloth!)
Undated with no stated edition on title page

(below - light green cloth with silver decoration)
Undated states "New and Cheaper Edition" on title page

ALSO (not shown)


A "Lost Race" novel of an Atlantean remnant beneath the ocean off the Azores.
L'Obus invisible
Le secret du volcan
Le Géant de l'azur
Les Chercheurs d'Or de l'Afrique Australe:
 1-Gérard et Colette
 2-Le filon de Gérard
 3-Colette en Rodhésie
Le Rubis du Grand-Lama
SÉRIE : "La vie de collège dans tous les temps et dans tous les pays"
Histoire d'un écolier Hanovrien. (Collège et université). 
(Scènes de la vie de collège dans tous les pays)
L'Escholier de Sorbonne (?) Schoolboy Days in France - US, 1896
Une Année de Collège à Paris
Axel Ebersen, le gradué d'Upsala - France, (1891)

Axel Ebersen, The Graduate of Upsala
1892 - First Edition

L'Écolier d'Athènes
Le Bachelier de Séville
Mémoires d'un collégien (Un Lycée de départament)
Mémoires d'un collégien Russe Schoolboy Days in Russia
Estes and Lauriat Publishers
(translated by Laura E. Kendall)
La vie de Collège en Angleterre 
L'Oncle de Chicago
Le Tour du globe d'un Bachelier
Un semestre en Suisse
Tito le Florentin Schoolboy Days in Italy; or Tito, the Florentine - US (1893) [the Boy's Own Authors Series] 
Autour d'un Lycée Japonais Schoolboy Days in Japan
Estes and Lauriat Publishers
(translated by Laura E. Kendall)
A travers l'Europe
tome II
This volume contains:
* La vie de collège en Angleterre, 
* Histoire d'un Ecolier Hanovrien, 
* Axel Ebersen (Le Gradué d'Upsala), 
* Un Semestre en Suisse
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